Free equine therapy services resume in Lerdo Durango

This Saturday 17 activities are resumed in the ejido “Los Ángeles” where children and adults can enter for free

CITY LERDO, Durango..- After more than a year of pandemic and having suspended activities, it will be today Saturday, April 17, when they restart with equine therapies, this they will have the support of a unit of the system for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) Municipal to transfer people who do not have the way to go to the Los Angeles ejido, located at the exit of Lerdo.

The equine therapy service was suspended when the Covid-19 pandemic began, but the civil association “Pasos con Amor” reported that today Saturday they restart with this activity that is provided free to children and adults, it will be in the Los Angeles ejido, reported Marlene Caro, a psychologist by profession and director of said civil association.

The young professional and who heads this altruistic work explained that equine therapy is a physical and mental therapy whose central element is the horse, which is prepared to carry out these beneficial activities for the human being.

He added that this animal is used to help disabled people or people with a disorder or who have a diagnosis such as autism and the purpose is to improve their quality of life since this activity covers four different disciplinary areas: medicine, psychology, pedagogy, and sport.

Therefore, he stated that the association “Pasos con Amor, AC”, has been working non-profit for 4 years and has psychologists, nutritionists and 5 physical therapists on its team.

He indicated that the service is provided from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every Saturday and they intend to open one more day a week since they already have 60 patients, he also stressed that they have had more than a thousand patients in 4 years.

He explained that they currently have 7 horses, so if someone can donate food for the equines, it would be greatly appreciated by this association, since they work for the benefit of all patients without any type of support or any fee. Recovery.

Attention to horses

Marlene Caro indicated that equine therapy is widely used to treat problems of psychomotor retardation, autism, Down syndrome, sequelae of sexual abuse or sequelae of head trauma, among many others.

Care is provided to patients from 6 months of age onwards and the only limitation to do so is when a traumatologist or doctor indicates that the person cannot ride a horse due to a lumbar issue or because they have a bifid spine or due to medical contraindications. .

People who want to request more reports can do so by calling 8711687600 or on the Facebook page Pasos Con Amor AC, the association has the staff to carry out diagnoses in many cases, said the director of “Pasos con Amor”, Marlene Caro and he concluded by saying that the care they provide is very clinical.


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