This is what a Mennonite wedding in Durango looks like; video is posted on TikTok

Everything is different, the ceremony, the food, and there is no music or big dances like in any other region of Durango

It will always be interesting and attractive to learn about other cultures, customs and traditions, for example the Mennonites, of whom there are well-established colonies in the municipality of Nuevo Ideal, from where they have left an important mark through their work, economic growth and development. But also where they have managed to maintain their ideals, religion and more.

On social media, specifically on TikTok, the user @carlosbacio56 shared a video in which he compiled how a wedding is carried out in Mennonite communities. And this type of social event is very different from what is customary.

“I am going to tell you what it was like to go to a Mennonite wedding. Thanks to a relative who created a friendship with a Mennonite from the colony, they were able to invite us to this wedding,” you can hear him say at the beginning of the video that he titled “What is a Mennonite wedding like in Mexico #menonitasenmexico #wedding.” This event occurred in Nuevo Ideal, Durango, precisely.

The first detail he showed is that women and men separate, women under a shade, and men under a tree. It is part of the established dynamic that is attended to without the need to say it.

In another aspect that also turns out to be different from what is customary, is that the men sit at the table first to eat, while the women remain to one side while this happens.

“They gave us a kind of onion soup, cubed meat with ketchup, and bread,” says the narrator of the video.

“After the religious ceremony, the newlyweds meet with the boys of their age in a separate room to celebrate themselves” /

The ceremony also requires men and women to remain separate; they sit on benches facing each other. Then everyone takes their bible and the ceremony begins.

“After the religious ceremony, the newlyweds meet with the boys of their age in a separate room to celebrate themselves.”

Meanwhile, some time after the ceremony is over, they sit at the table but now to drink coffee and eat cheese.

Source: elsoldedurango