Take note! Five places you must visit in Durango

The northern state has great tourist variety between mountains, desert and magical towns

The state of Durango has it all. Mountains, desert, magical towns and even a jungle area that is frequently visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. However, there are places in the mythical scorpion state that should not be missed on a visit with family or friends.

According to the Posta portal, the most attractive places to visit in Durango are: Paseo del Viejo Oeste, Mexiquillo, Nombre de Dios, Corredor Constitución, Parque Ecológico El Tecuán and Cascada El Saltito. Therefore, here we break down a little of each of the sites so that you are well informed for your next vacation.


In this place you can enjoy shows put on by real actors, talk to them and it is even possible that they invite you to participate in recreating some scene from the old west with them. For this there are outfits available and in a matter of three minutes you get into a gunfighter character, they themselves quickly dress you up in the dressing rooms.

Some of the actors have participated as stuntmen or “action doubles”, who risk their physicality in order to give reality to the scene.


It is an all-day walk. If you like nature, you will love it. The forest, the waterfall and the very beautiful stones. You get covered in dirt from top to bottom on the dirt road. They take you in open vehicles, although you can go on a four-wheeler, a razer or a vehicle (modified truck).

Everything is very accessible and some people choose to walk, but it is a long walk, like 5 kilometers or more, to go everywhere and get to the tunnels on the way there and back. There is no food inside, but there are small stalls with water and candy and a bathroom.


It is located 1,730 meters above sea level, it is only 30 minutes from the capital and is one of the oldest sites in Durango, where the first churches of Durango of profound historical and religious value were built. With a pleasant climate, lots of nature, clean air, very friendly people, good food and drink, Nombre de Dios has great attractions such as the community of Los Berros and the crystal-clear water of the Mezquital River.


Ideal for being with your partner enjoying the impressive colonial architecture of the city’s historic center, a corridor where you can find everything, souvenirs, restaurants, ice cream shops, bars and various shows offered throughout the corridor, from music, dancing and magic.


It is another of the ideal places to be in contact with nature. It allows you to do outdoor recreational activities such as cycling and fishing. In addition, El Tecuán is a place that you cannot leave without visiting during your stay in Durango, as it is ranked among the best tourist places at the state level.

Source: codigosanluis