Lack of banking terminals in Durango limits tourist consumption

The Council of Young Entrepreneurs (CEJ) recommends that local businesses obtain bank terminals to be able to make card payments, since the vast majority of the population already makes their payments with this modality.

In this regard, Alejandro Treviño Gamboa, President of the CEJ, highlighted that the lack of terminal in local businesses discourages consumption and tourists who regularly pay in this way, when realizing that there are only cash payments, They prefer to leave the premises.

The greatest increase in the use of credit cards could be reported very well during the Buen Fin promotions, many people prefer purchases with plastic, because they also access promotions of interest-free months, or deferred payments, so when businesses do not have a terminal in your business, you even run the risk of closing due to the lack of sales.

He mentioned that during the meetings of this council, it has been promoted that those who are still missing this modality should obtain it as soon as possible, they are very easy procedures and that can translate into better profits in the short term.

Alejandro Treviño stressed that this Christmas season is a good opportunity to access this type of sales modality, local businesses cannot be left behind in this transcendental issue, there are now more people right here in Durango who do not carry cash, that all your procedures are carried out with a credit or debit card.

Source: El Sol de Durango