Tourists in love with the Historic Center of Durango  

Tourists and Durango residents take selfies in the Durango mega-letters placed this week in the Plaza de Armas, “which make the city more beautiful,” said Alfonso de Anda, from Ciudad Juárez. 

“Durango shines and gets cooler,” said Toño Ochoa, and invited to enjoy the attractions that our municipality offers, including the letters that will be in the Plaza de Armas for about two months, as a symbol of duranguense identity  

Elvira Silerio Díaz, director of Municipal Tourism, acknowledged that “we needed to have them to be a competitive destination like other cities, since people seek to take their photo and show off their trip.” 

And Jorge Mata from Durango agreed with this, who expressed joy because “tourists asked where the letters are, and everywhere you go they have them, but here there were none; we needed them, and we thank them that Durango is no longer the exception”. 

 Source: Viva la Noticia