Chihuahua family suffers rollover on the way to Mazatlán 

Accident. A family from Chihuahua had an accident on the road while on vacation in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. 

This Monday morning on the much-cited Pan-American highway, one more accident was recorded, in which a family from Chihuahua saw their vacation cut short. 

A Chihuahuan family had in mind to spend a dream vacation in Mazatlán, Sinaloa; however, on their way, its members suffered a rollover accident near the town of Villa Hidalgo, in the municipality of Hidalgo. 

Sixto Adolfo Herrera Corral, 34 years old, was driving a Chevrolet brand vehicle, from the Aveo line, when at a certain moment a tire burst, which caused him to lose control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over. 

Sixto was traveling with his family Paola Alayd Quezada Manjarrez, 35; her sons Iquer Arael; six years; and Giselle Aime, one year and 10 months old, who suffered minor injuries. 

At the moment that the elements of different law enforcement and aid corporations arrived, they began to carry out pre-hospital care, where the Red Cross emergency medical technicians, stationed in La Zarca, determined that the injuries shown by the family members of the car don’t put their lives at risk. 

The incident was left in the hands of the accident department of the National Guard, road division, while the Agent of the Public Ministry, attached to Santa María del Oro. 

 Source: El Siglo de Durango