Durango student wins gold at an international science competition in Indonesia

CANATLAN, DURANGO (November 6, 2022).- The student María de Jesús Rochel Avitia, from Canatlán, was part of a team of Mexican students, made up of three girls from the Technological Institute of Durango, who, representing our country, won a gold medal in an event called the International Science and Invention Fair ( ISIF) 2022, held this November in Bali, Indonesia.

The team was conformed of students Verónica María Gutiérrez Rocha, who is in the seventh semester of Engineering in Business Management; Denisse Cárdenas Manríquez, a student of Biochemical Engineering, ninth semester and Ma. De Jesús Rochel Avitia, a student in the ninth semester of the Biochemical Engineering career, at the Technological Institute of Durango, and their advisor was professor Salvador Davis Rodríguez.

The project is called Adsorbfilter and consists of a filter made with human hair that cleans the water of oils and hydrocarbons, Rochel Avitia said in an interview.

The event took place in Bali, Indonesia, and was attended by representatives from Malaysia, Iran, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, Vietnam, Romania, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Indonesia, among others.

“We feel happy and proud because it was worth the long trip we made and all the effort and dedication we put into this project, thanking each stage of the process because we learned a lot and had the opportunity to meet great people,” he said.

The event was made up of approximately 250 projects, highlighting that it is the first time that Mexico participates in this contest; Sharing the field with people from such different cultures and customs, who, despite this, welcomed us in a nice and attentive way, always seeking to make our stay the best possible has been an unforgettable experience, concluded the student from Canatlán, Durango. , Mexico.

Source: OEM

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