Huichol artisans elaborate bottles of an exclusive Dominican rum

A series of 18 pieces highlight the masterful use of the bead as an element that characterizes the work of the Wixárika community.

The fusion of two visions of the world finds a place in a limited edition of Brugal 1888. The bottles of this Dominican rum served as canvas for Huichol artisans to intervene and turn each piece into an authentic work of art.

The collaboration between the Dominican label and the plastic artist César Menchaca seeks to celebrate the history of Casa Brugal, which has transcended beyond the borders of the Dominican Republic.

The result is 18 bottles of Brugal 1888. Each of them refers to important moments in the history of the firm “This work is made with all the passion of Mexico and the passion of rum, through which we tell a story of success ”Said César Menchaca, CEO, and founder of Menchaca Studio.

Brugal 1888

The element that stands out is the use of beads, a material that has been characteristic of Huichol artisans. This work involved a collaboration of two and a half years in which Menchaca traveled to the Caribbean country to see the distillery and how the entire production process of this rum is carried out. Thus he was able to understand the passion behind the spirit drink.

Huichol artisans
Photo: Courtesy.

“The really difficult thing about making each of these bottles was defining what we wanted to convey. For this reason, the design of some pieces may have taken up to six months to really get the idea that was sought, ”said César. Once that was accomplished, each one took about 30 days to make.

Brugal 1888

The Huichol artisans who worked on this limited edition belong to communities in Durango and Jalisco. For this reason, one of the 18 pieces of Brugal 1888 will be auctioned to support an association that works with members of this ethnic group. Meanwhile, the rest will be for sale.

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