Durango Mezcal, the liquor that helps the throat, the intestinal flora, and the soul

Durango. Nombre de Dios is the oldest town in the state, originally called Villa de Los Cuatro Temples, established in 1562, before the founding of the city of Durango. It was founded as a town by the Spanish in 1563 (on what had previously been a Franciscan mission). The Temples of Nombre de Dios are part of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro.

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The route of the mezcal in the Magical Town of Nombre de Dios is one hour from the capital of Durango, which will possibly serve as an example for the next mezcal productions in Sinaloa.

There is a Magical Town an hour from the capital of Durango that its activity revolves around a liquor that has gradually gained strength, despite the fact that it has been produced for many years, we are talking about mezcal.

It is about Nombre de Dios “Name of God”, that among its streets there are mezcaleras and shops that are dedicated to the preparation and sale of it, with prices that you will not find in a city and with a particular sign, or scorpion inside the bottle.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

“De a besito”, that’s how mezcal is drunk, experts say, because its alcohol content is high, but be careful, it has to be crystalline, so you will know that it is at its best and you will enjoy it, from the moment it enters the palate, passing through the throat to the stomach, as they say, that among its benefits is to regulate the intestinal flora.

“A good mezcal must first be smelled, then take it with a kiss, it is strong, it has 46 degrees of alcohol … scientifically, mezcal is the best drink in the world, it is natural, it does not contain chemicals and the best, it does not give raw”, said one of the producers.

Other benefits of mezcal are the fight against insomnia, reduces cholesterol and high lipids, helps with liver and kidney conditions, improves bone health, and improves brain activity, all in moderation.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

With modernity, extra and different flavors have been added to mezcal, such as coffee, milk, vanilla and even plum, managing to increase its consumption due to its sweetness, but it is the cigar that continues to lead consumption and the one that offers the best benefits.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

Hermila Páez is a mezcal merchant in Nombre de Dios, she pointed out that the sale of this is the main livelihood of the Magic Town, managing to increase its sales on weekends, with prices ranging from 50 to 300 pesos per bottle depending on its size.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

They will attract your attention, because inside each bottle is one of the most representative animals of the state, the scorpion, but do not be scared, it is only decorative and before introducing it they removed all the poison.

“When the mezcal is finished, many people roast it and eat it in a taco (the scorpion), nothing happens, it is one more attraction and we take care to remove the poison first, that is how we attract the customer,” he said.

Among its streets, you will find these mezcaleras, where in addition to knowing its preparation, you can taste it little by little, because if you are not used to it, you may be surprised how quickly the mezcal rises to your head.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

They will seek to break the Guinness record with the largest “Gordita” in the world

Nombre de Dios seeks to innovate and endorse its title of Magical Town with activities throughout the year, in their next anniversary parties, they will practice with the elaboration of the largest stuffed gordita in the world, and by 2022 elaborate it to register it and break the Guinness record.

The Mayor, Daniel Sifuentes Salas, mentioned that this Gordita will be a challenge, where all the people will come together to make it and will have more than one stew in parts so that the people who come to try it go for the stew that they like the most.

“The biggest gordita will measure around 4 meters … this is what is being sought with the Secretary of Tourism, Eliazar Gamboa, for the employer’s fair, we are already in talks with those of the Guinness Record in England so that they come”, he declared .

In addition, he pointed out that for the anniversary parties the largest mezcal tasting in Mexico will be held with more than 2,000 visitors per day, ensuring that its proximity to the capital will attract a large number of visitors.

Nombre de Dios joined the Magic Towns program on October 11, 2018. It is located at an average height of 1,730 meters above sea level.


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It is located to the southwest in the state of Durango, bordered to the north by Durango and Poanas, to the south by Mezquital and Súchil, and to the east by Vicente Guerrero, Mezquital, and Durango.

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