For the first time, vehicles would be made in Durango

It seeks to improve the living conditions of Durango residents through the attraction of new companies.

It is expected that in the short term two Chinese companies can be installed in Durango, one of them for the manufacture of batteries for electric cars and an assembly plant, announced Governor Esteban Villegas Villarreal.

He explained that two letters of intent were signed with large Chinese consortiums, but the names cannot yet be said since they are listed on the Stock Exchange.

“One of them makes batteries for electric cars, it would be an investment of 700 million dollars, it would be generating around two thousand direct jobs, all well paid, and that one comes to the capital if we close it,” he said.

Likewise, two more letters of intent were signed, of which, one is with a vehicle assembler, “it is not the manufacturer, it is an assembler, it is a little smaller, but we would already be making vehicles made in Durango for the first time and a solar panel company. This company would bring an investment of 500 million dollars and with the opening of 1,500 jobs and it is also for the capital,” he said.

He announced that it is expected that before the end of the year the negotiations can be closed so that the companies can be in operation in September 2024.

He established that many young people will be required, so the first hundred would have to go to China to be trained, which also represents the possibility of an alliance with them in their training centers.

Source: El Siglo de Durango