Mexico experiences nearshoring of organized crime due to its proximity to the US

For years, Mexico has been experiencing a phenomenon of “nearshoring” (relocation of supply chains) of the production, human and material resources of organized crime, due to its proximity to the United States, the main consumer of drugs in the world, he stated this Monday the former Secretary of Security of the Mexican state of Nuevo León (north), Aldo Fasci Zuazua.

During the presentation of his book “We are all the murderer”, within the framework of the Monterrey 2023 International Book Fair, which takes place in the city of Monterrey, the former state official spoke about the phenomenon of crime in the country.

“Why here? Why the border? Everyone knows about ‘nearshoring’, they have heard about it, drug traffickers do the same, it is a criminal relocation and they have been doing it for many decades to bring production, human capital, capital closer of work to his client,” he assured.

Fasci Zuazua told the media that this phenomenon is not something new and highlighted that the central problem is on the border.

“There is more violence on the border than in the rest of the country, although the cartels are based elsewhere, the problem is from Tijuana (northwest) to Matamoros (northeast),” he noted.

“They are close to the client, the criminals arrive there with their money, their equipment, their hitmen, their logistics to get closer to their client and lower costs. It is ‘nearshoring’, but criminal,” he shared.

He also clarified that it is false that poverty is the cause of all the problems because a lot of money moves in the criminal world, whether due to human trafficking, pedophilia or drug trafficking.

“If we study the criminal economy we realize that money is what calls for crimes. Who hires in the case of trafficking? Who says ‘bring me a woman from Afghanistan, from Bolivia’? Well, someone who has money. They pay for sex with minors and pay a lot of money, the most expensive drugs go to the most expensive markets,” he stated.

On the other hand, Fasci Zuazua referred to Mexican policy against organized crime and said that in the last six years he went from debauchery to the war against drugs and now he said that violence is not attacked with the force of the State.

“Notice that (Vicente) Fox (2000-2006) gave us many freedoms, they turned into debauchery, that’s why his successor (Felipe) Calderón (2006-2012) said: we are going to war, but in the war there was corruption, hugs under the table and then (Enrique) Peña Nieto (2012-20128) arrived and said: we have to have agreements between everyone to create an agenda and then (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador arrived convinced that violence is not attacked with violence, but with hugs,” he explained.

He mentioned that if in the next presidential election, in June 2024, the candidates take up the flag “shots against hugs, we will be the dead. The only ones who are going to grow are the criminals.”

The former Secretary of Security of Nuevo León stated that in Mexico the main instrument of violence is weapons and nothing has been done against this trafficking.

“Until now, we have only accused the United States of providing them, but on the street the weapons are Russian. For example: goat horns or AK-47 rifles; They say ‘there’s the Barret, it’s American’ one for every 30 or 40 rifles. And the Pietro Beretta (pistol) is Italian and that way I can follow them,” he said.

That is why he urged joint work with the United States to stop arms trafficking.

“We need to act internationally, together with Mexico and the United States because that stops at sea, they do not enter through customs, that is a mistake and my question is, what would criminals be without weapons? Nothing,” he pointed out.

Source: El Siglo de Durango