More than 400 thousand students return to classes on April 25, in Durango

The state official explained that as of this date, strategies will be worked on to advance the process of children recovering knowledge.

The Secretary of Education in Durango, Rubén Calderón Luján, stressed that one hundred percent of the schools will be open from the outset and the expectation is that, given the decrease in Covid infections, more than 400 thousand students will be integrated into school activities.

At the same time, he explained that in the secretariat there is already an essay that is going to be worked on, referring to the empathy which will strengthen the learning of children in schools.

He mentioned that given the decrease in infections by Covid-19 and the concern that prevails among Durango families regarding face-to-face school activity, it is expected to reach a 100 percent attendance.

What follows is to initiate actions in schools, in order to continue with the sanitary protocols implemented by the health sector to guarantee parents a safe environment in all educational institutions.

Source: OEM

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