Durango 20-year-old is vaccinated twice against COVID-19 the same day; is under observation

Durango health authorities confirmed that the 20-year-old received the two doses of COVID-19 vaccine consecutively

A young man in his 20s received the COVID-19 vaccine twice on the same day in Durango, the State Health Secretariat released the news and explained that timely monitoring is granted to know his health status.

Blanca Estela Luna Gualito, director of Health Services, confirmed this double vaccination in a young man who told them that he acknowledged having trained twice by mistake to get vaccinated.

The head of the Ministry of Health of the State of Durango, Sergio González Romero said that so far the young man has not presented any repercussions on his health, but the case will continue to be monitored.

Through the COVID-19 line, constant monitoring of the young person’s health is carried out, which until now has no repercussions on the body.

Health authorities consider that the young man, whose identity they did not reveal, will not have repercussions on his health, the twenty-something, according to local media, was formed by mistake twice in the line of vaccination against COVID-19.

González Romero recommended that the young people comply with the specifications of the authorities of the Ministry of Health of the State of Durango, not to act in a hurry in order to finish the procedure faster.

Source: excelsior.com.mx

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