Durango tightens measures to stop covid 3rd wave

Governor José Rosas Aispuro was clear when mentioning that the third wave of infections by covid-19 is a reality in the State.

Faced with Covid in Durango, they reduce the capacity of restaurants, bars, cinemas, coffee shops, as well as religious centers

The increase in Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the state of Durango led the epidemiological traffic light to change from yellow to orange, and this prompted the state government to issue a new decree in order to safeguard citizen health.

The measures released by the authorities dictate that work activities will continue on a regular basis under protocols and prevention measures; In addition, businesses may operate normally in accordance with the authorizations of the commercial establishment.

Likewise, once again markets, self-service and convenience stores are urged to allow only one person per family to pass through in order to avoid large concentrations of people inside.

For their part, open public spaces, such as parks and squares, will remain open without restrictions (with the use of face masks), while closed public spaces will only be able to operate with 50% of their capacity.

Similarly, at half their capacity they must operate event rooms, restaurants and cafes, bars, amateur outdoor sports competitions, shopping malls, religious centers and temples, gyms and sports centers, spas, pools and spas, cinemas. , theaters, circuses, museums and cultural events, as well as nurseries and nurseries.

The Durango state government decided to close, due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, nightclubs, horse racing spaces and suspend all massive events at the door.

Finally, the capacity of public transport will have to be reduced to 75% without service restrictions on any day of the week.

Source: noticiasdelsoldelalaguna.com.mx

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