The German Jonas Deichmann arrives in Durango, the ‘Forrest Gump’ of real life

He is known as the ‘record man’ for the triathlon he performs around the world

The German Jonas Deichmann, who has become a sensation on and off social networks, for the triathlon he performs around the world, arrived in the state of Durango after passing through the port of Mazatlán. 

Known as the ‘record man’ or the ‘Forrest Gump’ of real life, 34-year-old Deichmann, shared through his profiles on social networks, photographs that show him in various areas of Durango, while crossing the state as part of its world triathlon that brings together extreme sports such as cycling, swimming and running. 

As can be seen in his photographs, Jonas was visiting the town of La Ciudad and El Salto, in addition to crossing the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Deichmann, who travels our country accompanied by a transporter bicycle adorned with the Mexican flag, began to give something to talk about in 2017 by becoming the first person to cross Europe based on his effort and enthusiasm in extreme sports.


The Durango Post