Durango continues at a green covid traffic light

Durango will remain in the green color of the Epidemiological Risk Traffic Light for Covid-19, for the next 15 days, informed the Secretary-General of the Government, Héctor Flores Ávalos.

He emphasized that it is good news since “mainly the citizens are the ones who have carried most of the sacrifice.”

Likewise, he said that the government has accompanied with measures that are considered to have worked, “so that Durango is still on a green traffic light and indeed some of the neighboring entities are already on a red traffic light, we ask citizens to have a lot of prudence and great responsibility in case of deciding to visit any of these entities, “he indicated.

And, the risk of contagion continues, which is why he urged the population to avoid leaving the entity, especially to states like Sinaloa that went to the red light in the last hours.

“Durango offers recreational spaces for children, for young people, for families and we want people to value it that way, that if they intend to amuse themselves with the family, they fundamentally prefer the spaces in Durango, which do not unnecessarily risk them, their health and their families, “he said.

And he asked that they only come out when necessary. “The call, in general, is that people do not expose themselves unnecessarily, so in case it is not a necessity we ask people to value not leaving the entity, precisely because there are some other places, mainly places where The Federal Government has identified the situation as critical: Quintana Roo, Mexico City inclusive, Sinaloa, Baja California Sur, among other entities that present this phenomenon.

Hence, he asked citizens for prudence and assess whether it is really necessary to leave; and insisted that recreational family activities take place in Durango.

State Recommendations

Duranguenses were asked not to leave the entity unless it is absolutely necessary, due to the health emergency.


Although the entity will continue in the green color, sanitary measures should not be relaxed.

Source: elsiglodedurango.com.mx

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