Alejandra Roldán, the first trans woman to modify her birth certificate in Durango

After a year of legal process, finally this Wednesday the activist of the LGBT + community, Alejandra Roldán obtained the registration corresponding to her gender identity in the city of Durango

After a year of a legal process, finally this Wednesday, March 17, the activist of the LGBT + community, Alejandra Roldán obtained the registration corresponding to her gender identity in the city of Durango.

In an interview for El Sol de Durango, Alejandra shared how she experienced the process as well as the obstacles she faced in order to change her name and gender on her birth certificate.

He pointed out that it was from the hand of the lawyer and president of the association “Yes there are women in Durango”, Julieta Hernández Camargo, as well as with the support of the national organization “egalitarian Mexico”, they requested the Civil Registry to change the name in the However, due to the fact that the Gender Identity Law does not yet exist in Durango, the petition was rejected.

“For this reason, according to the jurisprudence that already exists on the part of the Supreme Court of Justice, the protection is put in place and finally after a year, it rules in our favor, giving a period of three days to the Civil Registry to issue my new certificate of birth and then yesterday I was able to register my new documentation “, this is how Alejandra emphasizes it.

He added that the main obstacles he had to face were mainly bureaucratic. However, he highlighted the support of the director of the Civil Registry in Durango, “after we already had the sentence of the federal judge, if I also want to highlight the participation of the director of the Civil Registry, who received us in a very friendly way, reviewed the order of the judge and then he contacted us. “

Undoubtedly, this fact marks a before and after in the state of Durango, since Alejandra is the second woman in the state to change her birth certificate and the first to do so in the municipality of Durango.

But the young woman from Durango pointed out that although this is an unprecedented event, there is still much to be done with regard to the trans community. “We are taking a big step, not as we would like, to approve the Gender Identity Law in the state of Durango and it is also regrettable that it has been through an Amparo, when the deputies are not doing their job well, they have not been daring to address the agenda of sexual diversity, “he highlighted.

What is the Gender Identity Law?

Surely you have heard of this law, but do you know what it consists of? Well, among other things, this opens the possibility that anyone who does not feel identified with the gender that was assigned to him in his birth certificate can reissue his official documents with another first name and the gender with which he identifies.

So far only 13 states of the Republic have approved the Gender Identity Law, Mexico City, Michoacán, Nayarit, Coahuila, Colima, San Luis Potosí, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Tlaxcala, Sonora, Chihuahua and Quintana Roo.

It should be noted that the reforms in Jalisco and Oaxaca are the only ones that include those under 18 years of age, as part of those who can agree to change their name and gender on the birth certificate.

The first trans person to modify their birth certificate in the state of Durango

Alejandra’s predecessor in this process was a trans woman who lives in Guadalajara but was born in Durango, whose name and age are unknown, but she also went with the lawyer Julieta Hernández Camargo to request legal advice and support.

It is worth mentioning that this action became a reality thanks to an injunction and the instruction of the federal court that the Durango Civil Registry was not issued in 24 hours the new birth certificate would be eligible for sanctions.

An achievement for the trans community in Durango; the fighting continues

Roldán pointed out that despite the fact that this fact is a triumph for the LGBT community in Durango, the groups will continue to fight to make the Gender Identity Law a reality in the Durango entity.

“It is a latent need for the trans population in the state of Durango, because we face a lot of discrimination at home, at work, at school, and I believe that having our documentation in order according to our gender identity, to how we feel and how we want society to see us and treat us, gives us more security in saying who we are. “

She added that after the news was released on social media this Wednesday, several trans people approached her and Julieta Hernández Camargo to request their advice on the matter. “Julieta, as well as me, was surprised to see, I tell you, the need that this law has become in the state of Durango, to see how many boys and girls are going through the same thing, to see that they suffer discrimination since their papers they do not match your gender identity. “

To conclude, Alejandra pointed out that after this achievement the next step is to promote the law in Durango, “to get the deputies to get to work and inform them more than anything, because the ignorance of this law has prevented them from legislating it in favor”, ended.


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