Tourist bus burst in flames on the Mexico-Durango highway

The tourist bus had left the city of Durango at night with a final destination Mexico City, however, the journey came to an end when the passengers noticed nearby from the road section near the Nombre de Dios municipal seat when smoke start coming out of the bus motor.

And it is that minutes later the passengers asked the driver to stop, it was at that moment that the back of the truck began to burn, a situation that obviously generated panic and terror among travelers.

Given what happened, authorities from the town arrived at the scene of the fire, who immediately evacuated the vehicle.
Some of the passengers were in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Fortunately, only one of the passengers required first aid because he was sitting at the bottom of the truck and the flames reached him, causing burns in some parts of your body.

Given what happened, the first expert reports carried out by the civil protection bodies indicated that the incident originated due to a short circuit, which in just one minute managed to consume the interior of the truck, this would have left a person with burns , in addition to material losses, in addition to the
mobilization of civil protection firefighters and municipal police and roads.

Civil Protection and firefighters arrive at the scene to help the passengers

After what happened, the passengers of the truck that caught fire are already back in Durango, where they completed the travel insurance procedures.

But nevertheless; The Durango authorities have started an investigation folder regarding what happened, as we have already informed you in The Mazatlan Post, the authorities point out that similar incidents have occurred in this type of transport services.

Source: La Verdad

The Durango Post