Canada offers Mexicans jobs

Canada offers Mexicans jobs of 46 thousand pesos

There is no minimum of studies or language required, it is only necessary to have work experience.

Jobs in Canada are highly sought after by hundreds of people since it is a country with a wide cultural diversity, which makes it an extremely attractive place to work or spend a vacation period.

Canadá ofrece trabajo a mexicanos; sueldos son de hasta 46 mil pesos –  Noticias de Chihuahua – La Parada Digital

Canada is currently the fifth happiest country to live in due to its high levels of general well-being. This position comes, in large part, from the stability, it provides in terms of employment, income, housing, community, education, and the balance between work and personal, which indicates the OCCMundial jobs page.

In addition, working in another country like Canada improves the adaptability of people because each region of that nation has a different set of values, customs, traditions, and aspects that bring you closer to another culture and force you to adapt to a new work environment, according to the training and studies portal.

Recently, the portal of the National Employment Service (SNE), which belongs to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), released a call for employment, launched by a company dedicated to recycling rubber in Quebec, which offers a salary monthly 46,720 pesos.

The company, located in Saint-Georges, Quebec, offers six jobs to Mexicans of both sexes who want to join its workforce as line workers.

Line workers are people who help a company with the proper functioning of assembly lines in factories and warehouses. In addition, they are usually in charge of the production processes, use the machines, and assemble the components of the equipment, describes Workable, a platform that connects potential employees with employers.

For those interested in this Canadian call, the rubber recycling company points out that there is no minimum degree of studies required to occupy the position, although it is necessary to have verifiable work experience of at least one month. 

Similarly, those who decide to apply for this job offer must travel to Canada (transportation is paid by the company) and start work on August 1, 2021, while their contract will last for three years.

The working day, for those who are accepted by the company, is 40 hours a week, while the 46,720 pesos will be distributed in fortnightly payments. Of this salary, the employee must allocate, approximately, 850 pesos per week to cover housing rent, according to company estimates. 


Those who decide to apply for vacancies in Canada must meet the following requirements : 

Sex: Indistinct.

Studies: There is no minimum requirement.

English / French level: None 

Other languages: None.

Work experience: At least 1 to 6 months of experience

Logical, analytical and punctual sense

Work to be done

Those who are selected to fill the vacancy will have to carry out the following activities in their new job, as described in the offer published on the Job Portal: 

Apply mold release agent and clean the press molds, classify the mats, wrap them and identify them. 

Examine the quality of the parts, tie the load pallets and identify them.

Make improvements to optimize the performance of the work department.

Be able to handle a forklift and BobCat style mini shovel (forklift). 

In addition, those selected will help the environment by contributing to the recycling of rubber, a highly polluting and highly flammable agent that, according to the Spanish organization that fights against climate change, InspirAction, can cause fires that produce gases that are harmful to health.

Those interested who wish to work in Canada who meets the established requirements can apply from the National Employment Service Office closest to their home. For any doubt or question, you can call 01 800 841 2020, from anywhere in the country.


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