Durango associations join the Mission Rescate México movement

Durango associations join the Mission Rescate México movement.


Less than 24 hours after the Mission Rescate México movement was founded. To which Durango associations joined, an audience of more than 100,000 people was achieved.

Durango groups such as Nueva Expresión, Teachers Alliance, and Uniting Paths for Mexico, Dilo Bien, and the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives, joined this movement.

Last May 28 at 8:00 p.m., a first virtual meeting was held through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter platforms, with the aim of concentrating ideas that allow building a path that leads the country to a truly common good.

The movement seeks to contribute ideas and proposals to the Mexican Government, without the desire to confront, but to join efforts.

Margarita Maya, President of Nueva Expresión in Durango, stated that as long as the government does not guarantee women a life free of violence, going so far as to assert that the complaints that have been presented during the pandemic are mostly false, it will be an impossible move towards equality.

For his part, Eleazar García, President of the Teachers Alliance in the entity, mentioned that free expression will be sought through short videos (recorded with cell phones), in which free ideas are exposed.

He said that what Mission Rescate Mexico intends is to build an agenda, based on the proposals of citizens, and then follow up through the more than 80 associations added throughout the country.

José Ramón Aldaba, President of Uniendo Caminos por México pointed out that it is a task for all Mexicans to do well in the country, by demanding that the authority do its job, but also be willing to do its part.

The YouTube channel of Misión Rescate México already registers 13,900 subscriptions, on Facebook there are 8,484 and on Twitter 3,170.


They demand that the government guarantee women a life free of violence and that the attacks minimized.


Associations aim to build an agenda, based on the proposals of the citizens.

Source: elsiglodedurango.com.mx

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