Femicides increased by 80% in Durango (Citizen Observatory)

There is a serious problem of domestic violence in Durango, and there is an increase in femicides and suicides, which forces us to seek new strategies as a society in high-incidence polygons, to lower crime and achieve peace, which cannot only be achieved by effort of the authorities, affirmed Oscar Gómez, who took office as president of the Citizen Observatory for the period 2023-2026.

The president of the Citizen Observatory stressed that in femicides, there was an 80 percent increase from 2021 to 2022, from 10 to 18 in the state of Durango.

He stressed that as a society, now we have to work in neighborhoods and areas with a high incidence of violence.
But it is also necessary to get involved with the parishes, parents’ associations, neighborhood committees, and the authorities of the 3 levels of government, all must work in coordination to achieve social peace.

Oscar Gómez, pointed out that society has to wake up and realize that it also has a great responsibility, suicide is another serious problem, in the first two months of the year there were 27, “we do not remove the authorities, on the contrary, we demand that together we get to work to reduce crime in Durango”.

Francisco Rivas, president of the Citizen Observatory, said that in the current six-year term of the federal government, the crimes of extortion, homicide, femicide, rape, human trafficking, drug dealing, illegal deprivation of liberty, robbery business, and family violence have registered an increase.

In four years, more than 57,000 people have disappeared in Mexico, which indicates that more people have disappeared in four years of the López Obrador administration than in the last two six-year terms combined.

Source: OEM

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