Durango Government asked the population to avoid trips to Mazatlán

The Secretary-General of the Government, Héctor Flores Ávalos, asked the population to avoid trips to Mazatlán, given the increase in Covid-19 cases that are registered in the state of Sinaloa.

He emphasized that Durango is monitoring the behavior of the Covid-19 pandemic and the risks around the entity are also being monitored.

“Particularly in the case of Sinaloa there is an important focus, we must make a call to people to be very responsible in the trips they make outside the entity and in fact with the mobility that they have practically either during the week or the weekends”. He said.

He explained that in the specific case of the port, the recommendation is not to go for the moment, “in the case of Mazatlán, we do call on the population to avoid this type of trip, there are more than 1,200 cases reported only in the last 24 hours (sic) in the state of Sinaloa, not only in Mazatlán, but Mazatlán, due to its status as a tourist place, is an important point of increase in this type of cases, “he warned.

Subsequently, it was reported by the Social Communication office that the General Secretariat of the Government that communication was established with the Government of Sinaloa, which promised to strengthen sanitary measures to reduce the cases of Covid-19, so Flores Ávalos He asked Durango residents to take extreme precautions and comply with protocols when visiting any state, in addition to reducing mobility in Durango.

Mazatlan Reply

Julio Enrique Silva explained that during the weekends, visitors attest to compliance with sanitary measures and protocols in the businesses.

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Mazatlán, facing the summer vacation period and before the criticism issued by the General Secretariat of the Government of Durango, due to the increase in cases of coronavirus in the port, the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of the Golden Zone will apply in the sanitary measures.

Julio Enrique Silva, leader of the organization, mentioned that there is consternation at the declaration of the authority of the neighboring state, which limits the inhabitants to visit the port, since it is the main tourism that is had on weekends, in addition to You know, there is compliance in the protocols within the tourism sector.

“But if we are very dismayed with our neighboring state, when vice versa we have been working both Mazatlán with Durango, and Durango with Mazatlán , most of us receive them every weekend, they know that we have all the protocols to avoid contagion” .

He stressed that in a meeting with the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, it was agreed that for those businesses that fail to comply with sanitary measures, a heavy hand will be applied, which includes the closure of businesses for up to fifteen days as the main sanction.

He asserted that the association’s businesses are constantly reviewed and have complied with the guidelines, although there are more than one that has skipped the gauges, now it will be demanded that the businesses and the guidelines have to be taken care of because the closure of both the business as of the city it would be catastrophic.

Source: elsiglodedurango.com.mx, lineadirectaportal.com

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