Durango remains on a green traffic light for the next few weeks

After evaluating the evolution of the pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Health determined that the state has kept its numbers of new infections and hospitalizations down

Due to the continuing decrease in the number of infections and hospitalized people related to Covid-19, the federal Ministry of Health determined that Durango will remain on a green light for the next two weeks, said the state governor, José Aispuro Torres, who assured that Durango has been a national example in the advancement of vaccination with more than 266 thousand people protected.

At a press conference broadcast through the platforms of the state government, he recognized the effort made by all of society and therefore it has been possible to maintain the epidemiological status in green, that is, an indication of low risk.

He explained that the purpose is to continue lowering the indices under the new categorization granted by the federal authority.

“Durango has been an example at the national level in many areas during this pandemic”, Aispuro Torres detailed; The case of vaccination shows it with an advance of more than 266 thousand vaccinated people, with more than 460 thousand doses applied to all medical personnel, teachers, adults over 60 years of age and there is currently enough supply to continue with adults of 50 to 59 years in the various municipalities, including the state capital.

He reiterated his gratitude to all the instances that have made this advance in vaccination possible, where it has been achieved that in Durango all health personnel, both public and private, are already protected against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has caused a lot of damage. made in the world.

The governor indicated that vaccination for people between 50 and 59 years old has already begun in some municipalities, while in the capital it began in rural areas, so that in the middle of this week it will start in the remainder of the city of Durango , Peñón Blanco and San Luis del Cordero that will receive the biological from the Pfizer laboratory. “Pregnant women will also be vaccinated,” he added.

Although this is undoubtedly good news that allows us to continue facing the health crisis, it must be remembered that the pandemic has not yet ended and the authority’s recommendations should not be ignored, “we must continue to take care to continue with the economic reactivation that is already underway. in march ”, specified the governor.

Source: elsoldedurango.com.mx

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