If Trump wins, it would be a disgrace that AMLO has helped him says, ex-presidential candidate

Ricardo Anaya said he expects Joe Biden to win in the 2020 elections but, if Donald Trump wins, he pointed out that it would be a disgrace if AMLO helped him to victory with his visit last July.

Ricardo Anaya expressed his support for the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party in the United States elections, Joe Biden. In addition, he said that if Donald Trump wins “it would be a disgrace” if President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has helped him with his visit to that country.

“November 3, 2020, is a crucial date. It is the day that American voters will have a chance to oust a populist and demagogue from the White House. For the good of Mexico, the United States, and the world, I hope this happens and that we can begin to write a new page of respect, collaboration, and shared prosperity, ”said Anaya.

The former presidential candidate of the alliance of the National Action (PAN), Citizen Movement (MC), and the Democratic Revolution (PRD) parties also stated, through a new video after recovering from covid-19, that he wants Biden to win and that the relationship with Mexico would start “on the right foot

Ricardo Anaya

“Now, I highly doubt that will happen, but it would be a shame to have helped Trump win. And in case Trump loses, as many of us want this to happen, although Biden is an educated politician and therefore is not going to swear in public, the reality is that this relationship would start on the right foot. “

Anaya, who is expected to be nominated for federal deputy in the 2021 elections, resumed his campaign to disseminate his book “The past, present and future of Mexico” and insisted that López Obrador has never defended us against Trump, who has dedicated the last four years to insulting and humiliating Mexicans, promoting the construction of the border wall, deporting thousands of compatriots and even committing the “moral baseness” of separating children from their parents and locking them in cells.

The PAN recalled that the only time that López Obrador has left the country on an official visit was to go to Washington, “to prop up Trump’s candidacy,” stating that he has behaved gently with Mexico, which is clearly a contradiction and a lie.

“Kindness and respect? What is López Obrador talking about? ”Asked Anaya.

“He has been very brave to demand that Spain and the Pope apologize for the Conquest of 500 years ago, but he has not said anything, much less has he demanded any reparation from Trump for the fact that less than 200 years ago years, the United States seized more than half of our territory. It has not even demanded an apology for the insults of the last 4 years “

Source: proceso.com.mx

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