This miniature torta stand recreates the essence of Mexican trades

Miniature tortas, newspapers and other items at a 1:10 scale

Yosafat Delgado is a miniature artist who discovered his talent in his quarantine as an occupational therapy to deal with unemployment. “I have only been five months, but I have always liked to build,” tells us this Mexican eager to devote himself full time to his hobby. 

Yosafat is dedicated to film and television production, currently working on Apple TV, although he has also collaborated with Netflix and Amazon Prime. He is in the art department and is in charge of designing and building the sets, which gives him a keen eye for the representation of elements and pieces with a plausible and realistic effect.

 During the quarantine, I made an effort to continue building but on a small scale, I nailed it, I watched videos on YouTube and went out to buy some materials that I needed to venture into the miniature world.”  

Yosafat Delgado

“Yosa”, as his friends call him, studied graphic design in Cancun, assures that to do his job well he must have notions of architecture, industrial design, carpentry, and blacksmithing. You have to know about the materials and processes to carry out projects. 

Anabel Oviedo

His hobby went viral thanks to a friend: “He uploaded it to Reddit and overnight my Instagram account started to grow like I never imagined.” The inspiration came little by little. At first, he started by buying a Salvat truck, in which you had to assemble the pieces by volumes, for this he visited the same newsstand for two years. “That position stuck with me because I visited it every weekend,” says Yosa. 

Then he focused on scenes from San Francisco or New York, although he was running out of ideas. He made a hydraulic jack, a sink, and some other items. However, during this creative quest, “the drop broke the camel’s back” came with a sewing machine that reminded him of his childhood. From there he began to experiment until landing a series based on Mexican trades. 


“The main one was the newsstand, then I finished the cake stand and right now I’m going to continue with a shoe bowler,” Yosafat reveals. He says that he chose the topic of Mexican trades because when he has been abroad they are elements that he misses. 

“Eating a TORTA on the street or tacos al pastor are things that we do not give much importance to when we are here, but when we live in another country we miss Valentina, the food and Mexican trades.” 

Yosafat Delgado

His creative process includes photographing the references, studying them, and slowly reconstructing the elements until reaching a universal result, so that when we see his miniatures we know what it is about from the beginning.

Courtesy / Anabel Oviedo

In the case of the Super Tortas, as this iconic piece is called, he reconstructed from the sheet, the benches, the garbage cans, even the Oaxaca cheese, avocados, Milanese, tomatoes, and teleras put in a plastic bag – as we would find it usually— on a scale of 1:10.

miniature cakes

He is planning an exhibition of all his works soon, including the cake and newspaper stands. It is rumored that it will be in a tattoo studio in Rome, because, like his own works of art, he wants to expose the canons of museums in a remote way.


To see the complete process of this thumbnail and learn more about Yosa’s work, visit his YouTube page or follow him on Instagram


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