Mexican cocktails, Durango’s ambassador behind the bar

Life took Felipe García to all the bars in Mexico, to publicize his alchemy of Mexican supplies for international drinks.

Life led him to be behind a bar in all of Mexico and to learn about the alchemy of Mexican supplies for international drinks.  Felipe García, a Durango bartender, narrates how his decision for freedom led him to find his vocation: cocktails.

But Durango is also part of alchemy because the local mezcal has a flavor that combines with innumerable other drinks, and as a barman, he had to solve the requests of tourists with a way of drinking mezcal mixed with vodka, whiskey, gin: from there, he became the ambassador of Durango and started a new book on bartending.

Meeting mainly North American and Canadian clients who visit Mexican beaches and socializing with them. He started in business with Argentine friends uncovering beers and from there, his project began.

“It was an immediate click. This is what happens with music, and there are certain issues that have caught my attention, so this point comes where there is interaction with people and I think it is very nice to lead life accompanied by a soundtrack, so I realized this because the combination of music and spirits is a communal joy that soaks you up”, Felipe explained.

But the celebration also comes from the cradle and since childhood, he recognizes the taste of pulque, of beer: since then he has prepared drinks for his grandmother.

Summer Love Cocktail

He says that the trades if they are carried professionally have important scopes for those who do it, and it was where he found the trip through bars in different clubs throughout Mexico. “From a very dry office, where everything is focused on money, we all need money, but there are ways to get it.

“The fact that people were very focused on money, and very strong responsibilities, is stressful … I like things to come easier, I love freedom”, Felipe Garcia concluded.

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