How and when to see the great Andromeda Galaxy from Mexico?

During this coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, we have more and more reasons why turn to heaven. We have the maximum elevation of Mercury, movements of Mars and the Moon, autumn eclipses, and more. However, something that is surprising to see is the Great Andromeda Galaxy.

Here we tell you how and when you can observe it from Mexico. The distance of the Andromeda galaxy from the Earth is 2.5 million light-years. This is also known as M31 and can be viewed without the aid of a telescope or binoculars.

What is the Andromeda Galaxy like? The Andromeda galaxy is well known for engulfing other smaller galaxies and in turn constantly increasing in size.

It is shaped like a spiral. According to the Australian National University (ANU) in the last three million years, the galaxy has shown its cannibalistic behavior. It was recently announced by NASA that the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy could touch.

Where and when can you see the Andromeda Galaxy? To observe it from Mexico you can do it without the need for a telescope or binoculars, although it is with these objects that there is higher quality in the image.

According to the Quintana Roo Planetarium Network and the National Night of the Stars Committee, the Andromeda galaxy can be seen all week – at night – until October 3. You just need a clear sky, dark enough (get away from those city lights). The first thing you must do to locate the Andromeda Galaxy is to locate the respective stars.

According to the recommendations of the Planetarium Network of Quintana Roo, you need to look at the sky and locate the star Mirach, the second brightest in the constellation of Andromeda, after locating it, look at three degrees to the left.

Once you have located it, just draw an imaginary line from Mirach to Andromeda and there it is. As we said before, you can see it without binoculars or a telescope.-

Source: Milenio

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