Wiki Loves Mexico 2020: these are the five impressive winning photos that portray the Intangible Heritage of our country

Wikimedia launched its Mexican culture photography contest a few months ago. The idea was for both professional and amateur photographers to contribute images from their vision that would capture the Intangible Heritage of Mexico. That is why since the announcement, the contest was divided into five categories. The winners of each are the following:

‘Parallel weddings’, by Pablo Ignacio Osorio Cortés

2020 08 20 12 32 11 Window

Selected in the category of ‘Oral traditions and expressions, including language as a vehicle for intangible cultural heritage’.

‘Débora and her backstrap loom’, by Jesús Tenorio Simón

2020 08 20 12 32 36 Window

Selected in the category ‘Traditional craft techniques: crafts and textiles’.

‘From the highest to the lowest’, by Tania Vizcaníno

2020 08 20 12 32 46 Window

Selected in the category of ‘Performing arts’

‘The devils’, by Andriangil

2020 08 20 12 32 56 Window

Selected in the category of ‘Social uses, rituals and festive events: celebrations, patron saint festivities, carnivals, traditions’

‘Weavers of Tule Ciénagas de Lerma’, by Delacruz Marco

2020 08 20 12 33 25 Window

Selected in the category ‘Knowledge and uses related to nature and the universe: traditional medicine, therapies and elements of use’.

Each winner was chosen by the jury that rated artistic and photographic quality, ability to reflect the Intangible Heritage of Mexico, and usefulness for Wikipedia and other projects. There was only one winner per category, where each one received an Amazon gift card worth 3,000 pesos.


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