Which is one of the richest families in Durango that brought a little bit from France to Mexico

Mexico is a country of millionaires. Names like Carlos Slim or Ricardo Salinas Pliego show that the nation is a very fruitful place for business and wealth creation. Often, Mexicans rank among the richest in the world.

However, there are other entrepreneurs who, although they are not in the top, also have a few million in the bank. Such is the case of a family in Durango that, in fact, has a French origin and that at one point began to bring their country of origin to ours.

And it is that France and Mexico have been a friendly nation for many years. In fact, in the Porfiriato era, thousands of French families came to our country and stayed as residents.

The Collier de la Marlière and their Mexican

Christian Collier de la Marlière, honorary consul of France in La Laguna (metropolitan area made up of both municipalities of Coahuila and Durango) is part of a family of French origin that has had a great impact in that area of our country.

The businessman and consul received the title of Knight of the Order of Academic Palms due to his work as president of the committee of the Alliance Française de La Laguna since the 1980s and also for his fundamental role in the Federation of French Alliances of Mexico.

In 2007 the businessman wanted to show his love for the Comarca Lagunera and built an imposing replica of the Eiffel Tower, paid for by the family itself and erected without the help of any government. The monument cost 5 million pesos and is located between the Francisco de la Vega road and the Miguel Alemán boulevard, in Gómez Palacio, Durango.

Built in 2007, this metal structure weighs 140 tons and has a height of more than 48 meters, making it one of the most successful specimens in the world of the famous European architecture.

In addition to this, the Collier de la Marlière family added other millionaire replicas of monuments: the Arc de Triomphe, which is located in Torreón; the Obelisk of the French Revolution in the municipality of Lerdo.

The son of the Collier de la Marlière family

The Lagunero businessman Maurice Collier de la Marlière, son of Christian Collier de la Marlière, has stood out in the field of advertising and entrepreneurship from an early age. Born on December 31, 1980 in Gómez Palacio, Durango. Maurice ventured into various areas before establishing his first company, Grupo MACOM, in 2006 and later launching editorial projects such as PLAYERS of life and CHARM Life.

In his passage through the world of boxing as a promoter he included the management of fights for figures such as Julio César Chávez and Christian Mijares.

Grupo MACOM was born with the purpose of offering discount coupons to students. The sale of his second initiative, Laguna Kids, financed the magazine PLAYERS of life, aimed at the entrepreneurial and business community. The consolidation of his company in the editorial and communication market is reinforced with the launch of CHARM Life, targeting the segment of women entrepreneurs

Through a multifaceted career and the launch of successful companies and publications, Maurice Collier has positioned himself as a benchmark in the field of advertising and entrepreneurship in Mexico. This trajectory demonstrates not only his skill as an entrepreneur, but also his versatility

Source: Infobae