Rehabilitation of museums and tourist spaces in Durango continues; ask for business support

During the press conference of the Revueltas 2022 Festival, the governor of the state of Durango, Esteban Villegas, pointed out that they continue to work on the rehabilitation of cultural and tourist spaces.

“We are going to make a movement with businessmen who have been looking for us and who want to contribute a part to rescue everything that was destroyed and we have asked them not to give us money, but to support us in another way.”

He added that since his administration began, they have followed up on their goal of ‘reviving’ the spaces.

“Yes, we are doing it and we want to invite all businessmen who are interested in helping with something to do so. I hope that the Calvario theater is ready for this festival.”

“We will make an arrangement for the entire Historic Center and we are already advancing the Bebeleche Museum, we hope to have it ready and rehabilitated in December and that the museum will gradually come to life, because these spaces that were not forgotten but vandalized.”

The Durango Post