COFEPRIS authority exposed asking for “Mordida”

Today it was exposed in the local media that the Coepris official, Juliana Vidal Marian, was selling permits and protection for the reopening of businesses. Given this, the head of this institution, David Gutiérrez Inzunza, assured not to be responsible for the actions of the worker.

Juliana Vidal Marian (Photo: Facebook)

In the audio, shared by Cadena Noticias, you can hear that the official is talking to a person who asked about the reopening of establishments: “what can be provided is protection … if you don’t want to be bothered” the official replied.

The State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks is in charge of offering guides on permitted activities, disinfection methods, health centers, shops, and companies during the emergency caused by Covid-19.

That is, in theory, the reopening of businesses should be based on the concepts provided in the same guide that the institution shared here, however, some of its officials seem to ignore these indications and use their positions for personal gain.

Similarly, a few days ago the Director of Coepris was accused of extortion for selling injections to clinics in exchange for publicity. His son was also involved in this scandal: David Gutiérrez “El Perro”, announcer of La Caliente 95 radio program said.

Source: San Diego Red

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