Mexican senate contemplates requiring employers to pay your home office utilities

In addition, calling you after hours will also require payment since your shift ended and would be forcing you to work “overtime”

Mexico.- Many Mexican workers are already lighting their candles and asking for the Home Office to be approved by the Senate of the Republic after the deputies said yes!

And it is that with these reforms, the employees who work at home in the so-called Home Office could have the opportunity to receive a proportional payment for electricity, internet, among other services that they use during their 8-hour shift.

In addition, to cover their work, employers would have to provide the equipment that the worker requires such as cell phone, computer, among others, in order to carry out their activities in optimal conditions and with everything that is required.

But that’s not all, since the employee will be strictly subject to his 8-hour shift and if the employer calls him, he will be able to say “I’m sorry I was done for the day”, this obviously if there is was after his hours.

But be careful, the Senate needs to approve it

The Senate response is not yet indicated, nor the date on which, if approved, its application would begin; Nor if it would be retroactive to 2020 when most of the workers who could, worked from home.

The other is the response of employers, as this could undoubtedly increase their costs and obviously eliminate the option of having their workers work at home and confine them rigorously to an office space

So is it time to celebrate? not yet, since this could also force a decrease in home office work and obligate employees to return to a normal office work condition

Mexico Daily Post