AMLO asks Mexicans “not to party” in December

On Friday, December 4th, president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador asked Mexicans to cancel year-end travel plans, curb their movement and even stop giving Christmas presents amid rising coronavirus case numbers in the country.

Lopez Obrador also announced more hospital beds as well as extra medical equipment and staff to help in the fight to curb the pandemic.

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Case numbers have been rising noticeably over the past two weeks in Mexico, with some of the highest figures so far for new daily cases. The Latin American nation has recorded 1,144,643 Covid-19 cases and 108,173 confirmed deaths, the fourth biggest coronavirus toll in the world.

The World Health Organization on Monday warned that Mexico was in “bad shape” regarding the coronavirus as infections and deaths surge.

Mexico Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell that same day also said the pandemic would very probably continue to worsen in Mexico until January.

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Lopez Obrador said there would be no mandatory lockdown to reduce people’s movement, and that Mexico would instead rely on people being responsible.

He said there should be no New Year’s Eve parties and even suggested Mexicans do not give each other Christmas presents this year.

Source: PVDN

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