Durango appears among the 10 cities with the highest perception of safety

It is well above the national average according to a survey

According to the National Urban Public Safety Survey (ENSU), which is carried out on a quarterly basis, the city of Durango is placed in the top 10 of the cities with the least perception of insecurity or, in other words, among the 10 with a greater perception of security until the end of

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According to the ENSU, Durango improved its perception of security when compared to the first quarter of this year, where only 56.4 percent of citizens perceived security in the municipality; Now, at the end of September, it is 60.6% of Durango residents who perceive that security

These data put Durango in the 10th place of the 90 most important cities in the country that are surveyed by the ENSU.

The national average of citizen perception is only 32.2%, therefore Durango is well above the national average in the perception of security.

Of the cities near Durango, Fresnillo, and Zacatecas, only 7.2 and 19.8 percent have a public perception of security, respectively, being one of the most unsafe in the country.

The survey also revealed that 15.4 percent of the participants were robbed in the city of Durango

Regarding extortion, in the city of Durango, only four percent of its population reported having been the victim of extortion during the third quarter of the year

The city with the highest percentage of its inhabitants extorted was Cuernavaca, Morelos, with 14.4 and the one with the least was Nogales, in Sonora with 1.6 percent.

Mayor Jorge Salum, for his part, expressed the importance of this delivery of equipment for the (DMSP), since the beginning of the administration public safety has been a clear concern of the people

Last Historical Delivery of patrols to the Municipal Police of Durango if Fortaseg disappears

On this day, 62 patrol cars 22 Hilux and 10 type i10 were delivered, as well as 30 Versas out of a total of 100 vehicles, likewise, 20 bicycles were delivered for operational personnel and continue to maintain low levels of crime but the disappearance of the fortaseg.

“FORTASEG, which is a resource that makes possible the acquisition of this equipment and many other things in terms of security, emphasizing that at the national level there is an investment of 4 billion pesos in terms of FORTASEG, of which Durango accounted for 50 million pesos, the municipality of Durango almost 27, thanks to this delivery was possible, as well as the training of new police officers “so said the councilor Claudia Hernández Espino.

Mayor Jorge Salum, for his part, expressed the importance of this delivery of equipment for the (DMSP), since the beginning of the administration public safety has been a clear concern of the people. He also mentioned that bicycles will be very useful for the surveillance of the Historic Center, where it is believed that they will be more useful, more practical, and of course much more environmentally responsible. He also stressed that a new security corporation will be being integrated very soon, which will be the Environmental Police, which has already been authorized by the council and is being trained.

For his part, Antonio Bracho Marrufo, director of the (DMSP), said that with this delivery the presence in the police force and, above all, the attention that can be provided to Durango society will be doubled and strengthened and these patrols will be aimed at attention to family and gender violence, in order to eradicate violence against our children and women. The Sub-Directorate of Social Bonding will also be strengthened, seeking to improve the attention to all the neighborhood security committees that are in the urban area, which are about 500. Other units will be for the Environmental Police, which is recently created, for what is being worked in coordination with the Municipal Directorate of the Environment, to be able to attend and eradicate the issues in this matter.

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When the governor of the state José Rosas Aispuro Torres took the office, he said that Durango is among the top ten safest cities in the country with the least crime incidence, which does not mean that there are no challenges. He highlighted the great effort made by the Durango city council for this delivery of equipment to the municipal police.

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