Durango teacher becomes a meme on social networks after breakdown with students online (video)

After viralizing the video in which he ‘mistreats’ his students by video call

A psychology teacher from the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango (UJED) who was dismissed from her position was revealed, because she was accused of mistreating her students through an online class This has become viral in networks, generating criticism, mockery
and even memes.

In the video that has made her the target of criticism, the woman is heard reprimanding her students for ‘not having the camera on’ and for turning against her when one of the young people tells her that what is happening is that ‘their internet is the one that is failing. ‘

It should be noted that after the video went viral, the UJED made a statement in a
statement in which it reported that the teacher identified as Sara Marisa Hernández,
had already been dismissed from her work as a university teacher after the situation

In social networks, women have become the protagonists of dozens of memes
thanks to their actions.

Durango teacher apologizes for yelling at students

Durango teacher apologizes for yelling at students

Sara Marisa Hernández Valtierra, professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Human Communication Therapy belonging to the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango
(UJED), apologized for having mistreated her students during a class via video call,
according to Radio Information Formula

A video in which Hernández Valtierra is heard yelling at his students went viral because he
could not see some of them on his computer screen.

“It (the camera) appears to me off, that’s why it has a fault with me, right? They fix their
camera problems or they will continue to have a foul with me, and on the third offense I
drop them from my subject ”, the teacher is heard shouting.

Given this fact, through her Facebook account, Sara Hernández accepted responsibility for
having addressed her students in an inappropriate and aggressive manner.

“I fully accept my responsibility and guilt for not treating them properly, as I am all human
and I make mistakes, I hope that the young people involved understand the stress that this
learning modality is causing me and accept my heartfelt apologies, I lack empathy and
calm. With humility, Sara Marisa ”, she published.


Source: netnoticias.mx, elsiglodetorreon.com.mx

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