Pan-American highway bridge collapsed in Durango (video)


A bridge located on the Pan-American Highway, in the state of Durango, collapsed. Motorists captured the moment of the incident on video and the images are already circulating on social networks.

Due to the collapse of the highway bridge, motorists and residents of a dozen communities in the municipality of Rodeo, north of Durango, were held incommunicado this Saturday, the National Guard reported.

The incident was caused by the force of the accumulated water due to the heavy rains of the last 24 hours. Photo: Uno TV

The incident was caused by the force of the accumulated water due to the heavy rains of the last 24 hours.

The moment of the collapse was recorded in a video that motorists made at the moment of the collapse of the San Antonio bridge, of the Durango-Parral highway, a section that is part of the Pan-American highway and that connects the state with Chihuahua.

Because of the incident, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), makes flow deviations for motorists, traffic funneling the damaged road to the Rodeo-Nazas-Pediceña road.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation reported that it is conducting a special tour to verify the conditions of the rest of the communication route to take stock of the damage and verify the structural state of the rest of the overpasses.


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