Mexicos “Casino Caliente” denounced on social networks for not paying bets

Users shared their void bets and ask for a clear answer

The Caliente Casino has become a trend on Twitter after users have reported that the site does not pay some of its bets online.

 casino caliente

Through screenshots, many people shared the status of their bets, which are void after winning.

void bet , also known as a Void , can occur for various reasons that even the casino cannot control: the withdrawal of a player before starting a game or the postponement of a sporting match due to meteorological circumstances , although it may also be for failures within the casino server.

Casino Caliente

In most of the cases pointed out on Twitter, sporting events were carried out with favorable results for bettors, although they were declared void by the establishment, which leads to the casino returning the amount to people without loss or profit.

In other cases, the customer service of Casino Caliente has responded that several games have been postponed, although they have ended with final scores. Bets are considered void when the match is postponed for more than 30 hours, otherwise, it remains the same.


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