The water level of dams in Durango rose 20% due to rains

Durango Mexico

As a result of constant rains the last 48 hours in the entity, the filling of dams had a considerable recovery, going from 62 to 82.4%, according to reports from the National Water Commission (Conagua) and three of them are almost at full capacity. the reason why they have had to make a controlled spill.

This was announced by the Meteorologist Víctor Hugo Randeles Pérez, explaining that in less than a week the storage level has increased considerably, since 15 days ago the general average was 62% and recent rainfall has raised levels.

At the beginning of this week, there was already 73.6% of storage in these bodies of water and with the events of the last 48 hours, it rose to 82.4%, based on the constant monitoring maintained by this federal agency.

Randeles Pérez specified that in three dams the filling exceeds the general average, it is the Santiago Bayacora, with 87.2%; Guadalupe Victoria reached 97.5%; while the Francisco Villa is 90%.

This precipitated accumulation has caused some releases to be made in a controlled manner, in the case of the Guadalupe Victoria dam that started with 50 cubic meters per second and as the fill rose, the release rose to 123 cubic meters per second. Although he clarified that it has been coordinated with municipal authorities and the supervision of Conagua in nearby communities.

Finally, he said that in the rest of this week some rains will continue, perhaps not as constant as it happened during Tuesday and Wednesday, so that next week their intensity and frequency are expected to decrease in a large part of the state


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