5 Top-Ranked Universities and Colleges in Mexico

Higher technical or economic education acquired in Mexico is becoming more and more popular and prestigious. Studying in Mexico used to be associated with something easy and unserious. Now, the local colleges are in no way inferior to colleges in Germany, England, and the USA.

Moreover, studying in Mexico can be quite complicated and you will need essays help online. And even having the help you need to be ready to study hard. For those planning to study Spanish or work in Latin America, studying at a university in Mexico is a promising opportunity. If you are determined to get a good education in Mexico, then this article is for you, since we have collected the best universities and colleges in the country.

General Information

Teaching at universities is in Spanish, but some universities also offer courses in English. In connection with the growing flow of foreign students and the goal of attracting them even more, almost every university has developed programs for foreigners. Mexico has a very low unemployment rate, which is why there are many opportunities for specialists with a master’s degree in the fields of food, oil, chemical industries, electronics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, transport, and services.

Mexican higher education is a state-recognized diploma, the possibility of transferring to another foreign university (in exchange), and the presence of advanced centers specializing in research in which students try their hand at science.

1. Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México is one of the outstanding universities in the country, producing the best specialists in the fields of business, international relations, and economics. There are such educational programs as an MBA, Executive MBA, and Global MBA. The cost of training reaches $ 20,000. Each year, three of the best students receive scholarships, the rest can apply for a loan.

2. University of Veracruz (Universidad Veracruzana)

Once a little gathering of schools and universities is presently the main organization of advanced education in the territory of Veracruz. The educational system of the university includes programs of formal education – humanitarian, social and exact sciences, informal – language centers, art workshops, programs of academic institutions dedicated to research. Educational costs for foreign understudies will be about $ 1,000. Announcements on the opening of scholarship programs are published annually on the official website of the university, a web portal for students.

3. Le Cordon Bleu Mexico

It is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world of gastronomy and hotel business. Most teachers are Michelin stars and laureates of famous contests. Students here receive a culinary education that will help build a successful career.

The University has developed many programs affecting every range of gastronomy. For example, Le Grand Diplôme (a comprehensive and intensive program of French culinary techniques), Cuisine (studying modern trends and culinary traditions of international cuisine), Hotel, Restaurant & Culinary Management (management in the hospitality and food industry), Health, Nutrition & Dietetics, and many others.

4. ADEN Business School

ADEN is an international, accredited network of educational institutions, which includes a business school in Mexico. Here you can study under the annual MBA program or under the MBA program of online official Europeo & American accredited degree. For admission, you must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, demonstrate at least three years of experience and knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English and Spanish). Information about the cost of training can be found out by sending a request by e-mail.

La Fundación de Alta Dirección (Senior Management Foundation) provides a limited number of study grants to support vocational education in Latin America. Each grant is directed to a specific educational program and is calculated depending on the needs of the scholarship holder.

5. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

It is the most famous university in the country, large and one of a kind. You can study here at the faculties of chemistry, engineering, economics, law, philosophy, and literature. The annual cost of study for foreign students reaches $ 1,000, for graduate students – $ 1,000-2,500. There is an opportunity to participate in one of the scholarship programs, conditions, and amounts of funding are available on the university website.

Summing up

At Mexican universities, you can get not only higher but also secondary technical education. After successfully passing all final exams, students will have the opportunity to defend a bachelor’s degree. After that, in order to receive a document on full higher education, another 1.5-2 years of study will be required, and only after that, and with the successful defense of the diploma, the graduate receives a master’s degree. This will help to make a career doing research activities. In addition, having studied at the university, the graduate gets the opportunity to receive Mexican citizenship. All universities in Mexico are members of the National Association. So, if you choose any of the above universities you will obtain a good level of higher education.

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