Durango prepares protocols for economic reopening

The mayor of the capital assured that this does not mean a relaxation of the actions, but on the contrary, they must remain before the constant increase of cases

Next Monday is not the lifting of the precautionary measures, but the beginning of the gradual preparation of the return to the activities that will be partially liberated in the presence of the Covid-19, said the municipal president, Jorge Salum del Palacio, who He stressed that the City Council has supported 69 thousand families with various subsidies totaling 11 million pesos.

The mayor of the capital emphasized that from May 18 to 31 it will be the phase where protocols are prepared for the gradual reopening of activities for the month of June.

He added that the City Council will continue with actions to support the Health and Durango authorities in combating the spread of Covid-19. In response, he noted that for the municipality, it has carried out subsidies to taxpayers in a discount to property, fines, and other complete benefits, which amounts to nearly 11 million pesos, which has benefited 60 thousand people.

In Aguas del Durango Municipality (AMD), as of March 27, to date, five million pesos have been subsidized in discounts and surcharges to 50 thousand families, while the Administration and Finance department reports its subsidy of five million 755 thousand pesos for traffic fines, property taxes, surcharges and other charges for nine thousand taxpayers.

Salum del Palacio highlighted the need to continue with sanitary measures since the municipality of Durango to date has 52 positive cases for Covid-19 and seven deaths, from May 1 to today the number of positive cases soared to 32 and 5 deaths

Finally, he indicated that they carry out an advertising campaign to raise awareness among the population and avoid more cases of contagion.

Source: elsoldedurango.com.mx

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