Over 4,000 jobs lost in Durango due to lockdown

Businesspersons ask the governments, State and Municipal, the pending payment to suppliers to avoid losing more jobs.

The Coparmex recognized the loss of four thousand jobs in Durango and therefore requested the Municipal and State governments to fulfill the debts they maintain with suppliers.

Oscar Moreno Littletón, president of Coparmex, mentioned that the health emergency has caused the loss of 4,000 jobs in Durango, but added that an even stronger economic blow is expected.

Entrepreneurs see a lack of good sense in public policies proposed by the Federal Government to counteract the negative effects on households caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are aware of the budgetary limitations of the State and Municipal governments as we do not have the support of the federal government,” he added.

However, Moreno Littletón pointed out that in order for employers to keep jobs, actions by the state and municipal authorities are required.


Among the actions that Coparmex demands is the immediate payment, by both governments, to suppliers so that employers can have liquidity and be able to respond to their commitments to workers.

The president of Coparmex asked that in competitions and tenders equity and healthy competition between local and foreign companies be guaranteed, but expressed that when contracting public works or any service, it should be done with local companies.


Contracting with local companies causes a multiplying benefit because the money stays in Durango and circulates, employers can pay their workers and they can make purchases for their families.

“That the State and the Municipality set the example of what all Duranguenses must do, buy local products because we all benefit,” he said.

Likewise, Coparmex is requesting that the security strategy be improved because now that many businesses are closed, they are a temptation for thieves by being exposed because the owners and workers are at home.

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Source: elsiglodedurango.com.mx

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