Durango police punish young COVID partiers violating quarantine

In the photographs, you can see the young violators put to work as punishment

Durango.- Images of some young people have been disseminated through social networks while they were sweeping and painting the November 20th street of the city of Durango, this, as punishment for not abiding by the quarantine rules and being “partiers” in the midst of the Covid-19 Emergency

In the photographs, you can see the white bars that the young people painted on the road, in addition to the elements of the police while they were overseeing them.

This fact has caused outrage in the citizens because while the country is in the middle of phase 3, which is the most dangerous of the coronavirus, young people continue to hold gatherings and parties until late at night.

35 people who were arrested in the early hours of Friday for throwing parties in the middle of the Covid-19 contingency were put to perform community service

Antonio Bracho Marrufo, head of the Municipal Directorate of Public Safety pointed out that due to the operations of the Covid-19, some arrests were made of repeat offenders who have been drinking alcoholic beverages on public roads and not respecting the issue of the contingency of staying in House.

Fiesteros Detenidos son Puestos a Realizar Trabajo Comunitario ...

He specified that the neighbors have been asking them to come so that they exhort them to end the party or to lower the volume.

“The Civic Court considers whether the detention is made for 36 hours or a fine or community service is imposed and right now for the contingency, community service is being considered as on this occasion,” said Bracho.

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