Presidential Plane will return to Mexico in 15 days

It will be at the end of the month that the TP-01 will land in Mexico again, assured Andrés Manuel during La Mañanera

Mexico City.- The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that the Presidential Plane will return to Mexican territory in the next 15 days.

The plane is currently in California, United States, where it receives maintenance.

It will be at the end of the month that the TP-01 will land in Mexico again, assured Andrés Manuel during La Mañanera.

It will arrive in, General Sandoval told me, that it will arrive in 15 days, ”declared AMLO.

He recalled his invitation to the public to board the plane and they can observe it from the inside, without delving further into the subject, since he assured that for the moment the important thing is to deal with the issue of the pandemic. | El martes 15 de septiembre será la rifa del ...

Raffle still stands

Despite the health emergency due to COVID-19, the federal government decided to hold the National Lottery raffle for the presidential plane.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador argued that it is necessary to carry out the raffle since the objective is to raise resources to be able to equip hospitals in the health sector.

México anuncia la “rifa simbólica” del avión presidencial ...

“We are going to raffle it, that is not going to stop, on September 15 the presidential plane was raffled, because since before the epidemic that was the purpose, that what was obtained with the raffle was for medical equipment,” he said.

Están buenísimos!' Dice AMLO sobre los memes de la rifa del avión ...

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador takes with humor the wave of memes and jokes that sparked the announcement of a raffle for the presidential plane through the National Lottery.

“The memes, great, that is, very good. I do not get angry, I really enjoy things,” said the president, recalling that the problem with the plane did not begin with its arrival to the Presidency in 2018, but in previous six-year periods when authorized the millionaire purchase.

Memes Archives - La Orquesta

“Those who are going to make the short film, because it is for that reason, due to surrealism, that they take into account that this story does not begin now but when ‘once upon a time there were monarchs who traveled in luxury planes. This is how it has to start: And one of them for gracing another, his successor on the throne, decided to leave him the best plane that existed at the time in the world, which neither Obama had, “added López Obrador.

The president confirmed that circumventing the presidential plane is one of the options to solve this problem, but clarified that there are first direct sales, the partnership of several owners, the auction and possible rent.

AMLO to open presidential plane to the public

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that his government is considering opening the presidential plane to the public once it returns to Mexico, so that citizens know its luxuries and such a purchase is not repeated in the country.


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