Video: Over 30 Mexican artists join their voices to sing “I Will Resist Mexico” to give hope in the midst of the pandemic

More than 30 Mexican artists from various record companies came together to interpret the song ‘Resistiré México’, which was released this Thursday morning. The purpose is “to generate a dose of hope, humanity, and strength in Mexican society,” according to the press release sent by the record and representative houses.

This theme is inspired by “Resistiré 2020”, a version of the song that the Spanish duet Dúo DinAMico performed in 1988, and which, due to the coronavirus pandemic, was relaunched with Spanish singers such as Vanesa Martín, Rozalén, David Bisbal, Melendi, Alex Ubago, Carlos Baute, Conchita, and Rosana, among others.

“Already converted into a hymn of resistance to the current pandemic in Spain, it was replicated in Mexico, recording remotely by a group of great Mexican artists and musicians of all genres,” the press release said. “Convinced of the need to grow a cry of faith, strength, and hope in the face of difficult times, they decided to gather their talent in a project without a doubt, historical, due to the complexity of its remote execution,” he adds.

This required the efforts of Warner Music México, Sony Music México, Universal Music México, and Ocesa Seitrack, the most important record labels in the country and the most outstanding representation agency.

The singers who lend their voices are: Aída Cuevas, Belinda, Benny, Bronco, Camila, Cristian Castro, Dld, Edith Márquez, Gloria Trevi, Ha * Ash, Horacio Palencia, Kinky, Leonel García, Lila Downs, María José, María León , MC Davo, Mijares, Moenia, Paty Cantú, Rio Roma, Rodrigo Dávila, Sandra Echeverría, Ximena Sariñana, Yahir, Arath Herce, Axel Muñiz, Caztro, Chucho Rivas and Kaia Lana.

Lyrics to Resistiré México

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