Violence against women has increased by up to 15% in Durango

Durango, Mexico (April 15, 2020).- Because women are forced to share 24 hours with their assailant, violence in their homes is higher.

“By being forced to share 24 hours a day with their attackers, the risk of violence suffered by women in Durango has increased by up to 15%”, said the director of the State Women’s Institute, Laura Elena Estrada, who revealed that this statistic was calculated according to the number of calls to the 911 emergency number.

At a press conference, the official called on the whole of society to denounce to the corresponding authorities a situation of this type at any given moment.

Estrada Rodríguez pointed out that in this health contingency due to COVID-19, the risk that women suffer violence in their homes increases significantly since they are forced to constantly share the space with their aggressors 24 hours a day.

“This coexistence forced by sanitary measures, has caused an increase of approximately 25% at the national level and 15% in our state”, she added.

At the same time, the director of the IEM reported that the number of users who come to that agency in search of support and help has decreased by up to 90%; “This happens because women who live constantly with their aggressors are not allowed to complain or leave the house at any time”, Estrada Rodríguez continued.

The Institute is open until 6 in the afternoon during these times of quarantine, so victims of violence or anybody who wants to denounce an attack can either call 911, or call us at the institute,” she concluded.

The IEM has taken all the corresponding sanitary measures to continue providing the service to citizens.

Source: OEM

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