Due to coronavirus, residents block access to Todos Santos, BCS

The inhabitants of the magical town decided to close the accesses to the community because tourists continue to come to the area.

Ciudadanos en Todos Santos no quieren la entrada de COVID-19 ...

Inhabitants of the magical town of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, They blocked the entrances to their community, to avoid the transfer of people and to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the area.

For several weeks, the town of Todos Santos took measures to stop tourist activities, at the risk of contagion of COVID-19, inhabitants decided to block the entrances.

At the southern exit of the town, a dozen people blocked the road with vehicles and tape to warn visitors that they are “not welcome” due to the pandemic and ask them to stay home.

In a live broadcast published on the Facebook groups of Todos Santos, it is observed that elements of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) approached the protesters to dialogue and request that they lift the blockade.

The complainants demand that the authorities install corresponding measures or a sanitary filter at the entrance to the town and that entry is only allowed if the person provides food or supplies for the health sector, or has a permanent job in the town, and not those who have no need to do so are allowed to enter.

Ramón Antonio Torres, a resident citizen of Todos Santos, expressed that the people have reacted very well to the protection measures, so that the latent risk of contagion is perceived by those who can visit the destination, “what we want to avoid is for a person from a bigger or foreign city and can infect people from the town when we are taking the measures so that it does not happen ”, he stated.

The main call they make is that they do not visit Todos Santos on these dates, “for the moment avoid visiting the town, in the future the doors will be open.”

So far, of the 71 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Baja California Sur, 59 have been registered in the community of Los Cabos and 12 in La Paz, neighboring municipalities of Todos Santos.

Defensa disuelve filtro de acceso en Todos Santos - MEGANOTICIAS

Defense dissolves access filter in Todos Santos

Elements of the Ministry of Defense dissolved an access filter that a group of citizens installed in one of the accesses of the Todos Santos community.

Citizens expressed their annoyance and concern about what they say people from outside the town continue to arrive, and their location between the municipality of La Paz and Los Cabos they say puts them at double risk.

Todos Santos cerrado, bloquean paso a turistas “No vengan por ...

The defense officers spoke with the residents to dissuade them from being there, and asked them to speak with the town’s delegate Roberto Palacios to inform them about the actions that are being carried out.

Some residents are afraid that during these holy days visitors will come to enjoy the beaches.

After dialogue, the residents removed some vehicles that were blocking access.

Todos Santos cerrado, bloquean paso a turistas “No vengan por ...

The magical town of Todos Santos is located about 30 minutes south of the capital of BCS, the port of La Paz. 

Source: milenio.com, californiahoyusa.com, meganoticias.mx

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