COVID-19 Police Corruption in Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.- The scandal rocks Municipal Public Security of Puerto Peñasco after an audio leaked on social networks, where they show acts of corruption regarding the crossing of cargo units through this municipality, coming from Caborca ​​and bound for the Gulf of Santa Clara.

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The Municipal Government ordered the closing of the accesses to the municipality, due to the sanitary contingency generated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), so that personnel from the municipal corporation installed checkpoints in the accesses points to Puerto Peñasco.

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Thus, the operator of one of four cargo units on the same carrier line, recorded the conversation he had with two police elements, one of them named Librado, and agreed to pay 200 pesos per vehicle in each checkpoint, that is, 800 pesos in each place, to add 1,600 pesos that the police pocketed.

The most curious thing about the matter – according to what is heard in the audio – is that in the second filter, the corruption action was carried out in front of elements of the National Guard, and thus the cargo units continued on their way to the Gulf of Santa Clara.

After the scandal that was generated with this audio, the Municipal Comptroller and Municipal Public Security of Puerto Peñasco began the corresponding investigation to determine responsibilities.


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