The ‘Batman of Monterrey’ wants to help Mexico: he created a Batmobile that travels the streets asking people not to leave home

The current recommendation that prevents the COVID-19 coronavirus from spreading is clear: don’t leave home. However, there are those who cannot abide by this measure due to labor issues, while others simply leave home for pleasure regardless of the recommendations. For the latter, the government now has someone who is helping them: the ‘Batman of Monterrey’.

In recent days, several people have uploaded photos and videos to social networks of the now baptized as the ‘Batman of Monterrey’, a person whose identity is unknown, but who has modified his car to look like the Batmobile and thus be able to take to the streets to ask people not to go out.

A little counterproductive measure

This ‘Batman of Monterrey’ comes out with everything and complete costume to the streets aboard a Batmobile, whose design looks like that of the versions of Ben Affleck. It is equipped with a speaker where the following is heard:

“Hey, you! Go home! We’re going to be coronavirus superheroes. I can’t do the job alone.”

However, instead of people going home, they try to go out and follow this Batman to take pictures and videos. What completely changes the sense of the work that this Batman is doing, although the intention is appreciated.

According to Telediario Monterrey, this Batman took to the streets with the aim of encouraging people to return home and protect themselves against the pandemic.

“I understand that the situation is complicated, that people are desperate and it is very hot, but [I suggest] that they turn on the television and that they begin to live with their family, that they take advantage of the opportunity to share with their children.”

The Mazatlan Post