Mexicans Assemble a Cheap Respiratory Ventilator

After a Public Challenge on Mexico Social Media outlets

Posted by Jaime Saucedo de la Peña on Sunday, March 29, 2020

Homemade ventilator designed for patients with Covid-19

They seek to develop a design of respiratory ventilator easy to develop and at low cost

Diseñan ventilador casero para pacientes con COVID-19 | Super ...

Mexico City.- A mechatronics engineer, two respiratory therapists, two industrial automation entrepreneurs, a mechanical designer and the Nuevo León Resurge Association, work against time to design an easy-to-make and cheap respiratory ventilator that can save the life of those with severe symptoms from Covid19.

On March 22, the engineer from Monterrey Jaime Saucedo de la Peña launched a call on his Facebook page that received a response from other professionals who support him to create the design.

Seven days after the call this Sunday, they began to assemble the prototype and do computer programming to control the patient’s ventilation rate.

Diseñan ventilador casero para pacientes con Covid-19 - Corat

This Sunday Grupo Imagen reported on the efforts of Sonoran engineers to also produce easily assembled fans.


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