OYO Hotels strengthens presence in Mexico serving guests in more than 400 hotels

OYO Hotels, hospitality startup, and hotel chain worldwide announced that during the last year it has managed to add more than 400 hotels to its operations in Mexico. The company operates local teams in more than 40 cities including Oaxaca, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla, and Mérida.

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After successfully offering quality living spaces to millions of guests in India, China, the US, the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, and Japan, OYO Hotels offers an innovative value proposition to its clients in Mexico; OYO provides a combination of design, hospitality, technology, financial support and operational capabilities for its partners.

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Providing quality experiences to its guests

OYO Hotels is committed to changing the way people travel by transforming hotels into quality spaces and integrating the lodging offer into a friendly platform that allows travelers to make a reservation in just three steps. The unique combination of hotel renovation and distribution approach is combined with its value proposition: constant availability, affordability, predictability, and ease of use.

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In the last three months, a large part of the guests who stayed at an OYO Hotel were recurring customers. On average, their guests rated their stay positively with 7.5 + / 10. This is a sign of OYO Hotels’ constant focus on providing a quality experience for guests.

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Technological solutions for hotel partners

As a technology company with a focus on hospitality, OYO Hotels is changing the fragmented hotel sector by providing its hotel partners with greater operational capacity, revenue management, sophisticated data, and technology analysis. Consequently, the partners have been more successful in a highly competitive sector by consistently achieving higher profits. This allows its hotel partners to focus on the most important thing: providing an excellent experience for guests.

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Each new hotel that joins OYO Hotels receives the support and benefits of various applications and technological solutions that help them manage the daily functions of the property (visibility of reservations made, sales channels, guest requests, cleaning, finances) which helps maintain and improve service standards.

In this regard, Abhinav Sinha, Chief Operations Officer of OYO Hotels & Homes mentioned that “our mission is to improve the quality of the real estate and thus allow travelers and city dwellers to live the OYO experience. We started with our first hotel in Mexico in February 2019 with the promise of offering the OYO Hotels experience to our guests and providing value to our hotel partners. In a very short time, we increased our presence to more than 40 cities in Mexico and more than 10,000 rooms in the country. Our hotel partners register an average occupancy increase of between 20% and 30% after partnering with OYO Hotels. These first results give us the confidence to remain committed to Mexico and grow our brand in 2020. ”

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What’s next for OYO Hotels in Mexico

The way forward for OYO Hotels in Mexico is full of opportunities. Among the strategic objectives of 2020 are:

  • Greater investment in the relationship with hotel partners to generate greater profits.
  • To comprehensively improve the experience of customers through digital tools, and hotel partners through distribution, operations, and revenue management platforms.
  • Continue to develop a culture of diversity, transparency, and responsibility.
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On the impact of OYO Hotels in the country, Francisco Sordo, Country Head – OYO Hotels Mexico said that “our growth in Mexico has received the impetus of strong local leadership and the great work of more than 700 OYOpreneurs (OYO employees) committed to our mission: to offer quality spaces for millions of people around the world. ”

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